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Heatman, Iceman, & Ket (2016)


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Title Heatman, Iceman, & Ket
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Artist(s): Redemption3445
Finish Date: 2016-10-20
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Red selected this trio from my Art Ideas. I forgot what situation I originally had in mind for these three, but I listed the group anyway. Red picked it up and used his own creativity to make the magic happen. =}

He did a great job on this! He clearly had my preferences in mind. ;} I also appreciate the background based on Wily Stage 4 from MM2. Dat shiny floor~

Thanks, Red!
I always love how fat you like to draw cocks ♥
Well this piece of art here was drawn by Redemption3445. I can't take credit for his work. However, we are both in agreement that girth is quite a desirable attribute. ;}