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Art By Nazuu-m0nster

Fate, Brask, Ket 2 "Dual State" (2015)


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Title Fate, Brask, Ket 2 "Dual State"
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'tis always nice 'n' naughty to see more of Fate, since he's such an scant[ly seen] sight - the clothing colorization and dem done-designs hereof too, be likewise aced exceptional,

and it's *just-as pretty* a pictured piece, as it is a pervy one! ;)

(~Whatcha doin' at yer tailsies tho' Ket?) :3
Oh, you know me. A tail and a hole so close by... they just go together~ ;D
@Ket-Ralus: @Ket-Ralus: *grins a greedy grimace* ~~~Some naughty/niiicee tail-play unto your h o t hole, you sssay seemingly, hmm~?

~I'd loOoveEe to have the veXXXing viewing, of its bendy-self slip 'n' sliding therein into your penetrated puckerfckr; its thick tip pressing 'gainst its moanin' muscles - and ooh too, but boy-howdy, would it ~not~ be the first time in-which I saw you join in, in some tailfuckings ssso temptinnng. ;d

... Also added, adultly; be that I'm current munching-down on some a-yummy bag o' assorted nonenaughties nuts at-the-moment, as-of writing this/these wording/s - buUut I'd MUCH rather, have had a supply savory "chew" on their own nutty goodness', and nibble their swell sacks 'nstead, ehehehe. :9

- you U P for a suckle so-sweetly, unto the s-oooh-ft scrotum, Ketsss~? <3 *licks lips lovingly, with my murrin', thick tongue wiggled lasciviously...*
Ibetenderintonging, andsotoo, 'dnotmindatalltheforthcumingfacialthereofthereafterrr, ehehehe. ;DDD
Such a wonderful way of study there, Ket. I can tell you and your friends have taken the liberty to making reading even more fun by expressing just how much you not only love reading, but even to how much you love your amazing friends.

I really love the design that Nazuu had put down onto this piece of art. It shows just how much love can not only come into reading. It even shows to how much it comes to Ket and his very close friends. The colors are very smooth, seeing as he only needed just three different kinds of shade into his color piece.
Oh, lomby. <3 You're welcome to nibble these nuts any time. ;} And with a tail fucking in view too~

Kurt: Nazuu did indeed do a commendable job! Maybe this is not just a regular library. They could all be sex books~ ;D
Perhaps, Ket. Might be the teaching of how to blast your stuff all over someone in the most professional way.
looool Nice one, Kurt. ;}
Thank you, Ket. I think it would really fit the best of how this piece is illustrated.
I commissioned Nazuu for this excellent piece, and I enjoy it so much! =} The positioning is really hot. I love how the tips of Ket & Brask's dicks are practically touching as they blow their loads. Nazuu did an awesome job with the foot play too! The colors are great; especially the slick, groovy patterns on Ket's jacket and Brask's cape. The background is very nice, and the light shining through the window at the top gives everything a lovely glow. I could go on! ;}

The theme for this picture is that the top portion appears "clean" like a friendly group photo, but the bottom half reveals very explicit actions. This was originally envisioned to be used for the SpaceSuit Mac app, which allows different spaces on the desktop to have their own wallpapers. The top space would use the top (clean) half of the image, and the bottom space would use the bottom (sexual) half of the image. In addition to the theme, I suggested some creative liberties be taken with the appearance of clothing and gear (with bias towards dark prismatic/geometric/psychedelic motifs). Nazuu definitely delivered on all fronts! =}
Artist(s): Nazuu-m0nster