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Brask & Vivi's sacks, for temp_anon (2011)


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Title Brask & Vivi's sacks, for temp_anon
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Brask and Vivi are precumming rivers as their magically enchanted sacks dangle below. I'm not normally interested in hyper/transformation stuff, but I had a great time working on this. There's also a "dad/son" motif here, which is temp_anon's thing, and I enjoy indulging him in it.

This one's been in the works for a little while. Almost not fair to call it a sketch, but it uses much of the same technique as other pics in the series. I thank temp for commissioning me for the 5th time total. Cheers! =}
SC009 - Brask & Vivi's sacks, for temp_anon
Post Date (GMT): 2011-04-30 13:16:03
SC009 - Brask & Vivi's sacks, for temp_anon
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Wow, perfect use of that magic! Bigger balls make for bigger and longer lasting orgasms! &gt;:3
That's the logic behind it. =} Don't know if that's scientifically accurate, but with magic, anything's possible!