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Gravityman & Brask (2011)


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Title Gravityman & Brask
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Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus
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Original Post Date: 2009-05-23


This is something I started five days ago. I felt like drawing Gravityman porn simply because <a href="">his stage music</a> is awesome. When Rockman fights Gravityman, they are almost always at opposing directions of gravity, except for brief moments where it swaps for both characters, allowing for an attack. I did something similar for this picture; the characters are in some narrow corridor at lower levels of opposing gravity and have some supports/platforms to keep them in place, though I didn't get around to drawing them.

This picture started with Gravityman alone. I then wanted a second character, but someone small, so I went with Brask, since <a href="">he's been with a Robot Master before</a>. I didn't intend this to be an extreme "foot" picture, but more an extreme perspective pic, and it just kinda worked out that way. Not to mention, the Robot Masters have pretty big feet in the first place. Anyway, there should be no more distractions now. I'm back to work on that commission!