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Sorry... I meant to post this last night, but I was so tired that I almost passed out in my computer chair. Anyhow, it's a good thing I put it off, because I made some significant improvements on this picture today. I have the characters on separate layers, so there may be some weird overlap, but that will be fixed in the final. They also have no left arms! Yes, this is still in the rough sketch phase. Drawing Sonic's head is a challenge for me. Not only is it at a very low angle, but I also have to make it appear that he is rimming Mickey. I'm hoping I pull it off.

Fun fact: I was thinking about titling this picture "High-Profile Rodents", but a hedgehog is not a rodent! Good thing I looked before I leapt.
Mickey & Sonic
Post Date (GMT): 2007-10-27 09:27:45
Progress History: 2006-06-25 start
Mickey & Sonic
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i always have trouble with beaked creatures giving rim jobs. i think maybe it wasn't meant to be, because their heads just never fit in that position right. (sonic has a kind of a beak.)

anyway, hot picture. rimming + frottage = win
Nice to see you're destroying children's childhoods. Great picture, Mickey does look like he's enjoying it way too much though. XD; I guess Minnie never puts out.

Great to see you drawing more too! Keep it up, I love seeing your works.
I'm not "destroying" children's childhoods, I'm "perverting" them. ;}

And yes, Mickey is totally enjoying this. Not only is it a great position for him (as Argon summed up), but he's a closet Sonic fan; he can't believe he is having sex with his idol. OK, I just made that part up, but maybe it's true!

A beaked character can give a rimjob if they tilt their head at the correct angle. Of course, like you, Argon, I don't know what the golden rimming ratio is. For Sonic's head, I'll probably end up having to fake it and/or obscure most of it behind Mickey.

Oh, and one thing I wanted to point out about "frottage": (read first two paragraphs)
The terms are interchangeable, but I wanted to fill you in on this info anyway.

Thanks for the compliments, you guys!

P.S. Minnie seems like a self-centered bitch, and it wouldn't surprise me that Mickey swings both ways, so there's much reason for Mickey to get some action from a guy like this.