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k7_20071029a_u_bug (2011)


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<ins datetime="2010-02-17T07:13:59+00:00"><strong>NOTICE: The image above is the old, unfinished version. <a href="">Click here to see the new, finished version.</a></strong></ins>

I hoped to post another finished piece of art tonight, but I need a little extra time to make sure everything is good (if all goes well, I won't have to touch a thing and it will be done). As a substitution, I flipped through my "in progress" drawings and settled on this. It was started back in March, but I made some significant improvements on it this month (including tonight). Not much else to say other than it's Bug! from the Sega Saturn game of the same name, and that he's sucking his own dick. Informative!
Bug! (unfinished)
Post Date (GMT): 2007-10-29 10:20:48
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-02-24 08:48:54
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WOW! Really love this , you got the body working out amazingly! You really got it's body shape perfectly! I'd love to see this one finished and coloured!!!!
hey! this is a cute bug. the autofellatio thing is cute! and he doesn't have to cheat with a proboscis either
That's a lot of exclamation points there, Blue! I could not foresee you being so excited about this picture when I posted it, but thank you! Maintaining the toony style and body proportions was a top priority here (and for almost all of my pictures), so I'm glad I succeeded.

Thanks for your compliments too, Argon! I'm glad you approve of the autofellatio. I was worried that it might be out of place and/or too unoriginal for me to draw, but I like it and it works. The flexible torso is part of it, but the giant head is what gives him a real advantage.

I'll be sure to do more work on this picture down the line. =}