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Hoppy Holidays! (2019)

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Title Hoppy Holidays! (2019)
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Alternate Title: "Francis' Christmas Party"

Description by commissioner, Neo Master a.k.a. Sins and Virtues / ETG:

Rumor has it that Francis would host an annual Christmas Party for the sole purpose of letting people..."unload their naughtiness," as the gentlefrog puts it. So far no one has been able to confirm, but Brask was fortunate enough to be invited this year in order to take shots of his time at the party. He simply describes it as, "The best time of his life."

Much thanks to Ket✦Ralus, Redemption3445, Mag, and temp_anon for letting me borrow their characters for this commissioned art by Skwuz! Highly recommend him.

Merry Christmas fellow OSH fans!