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Gift Box #2 (2017)

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Title Gift Box #2
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Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus
Finish Date: 2017-04-01
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High Quality version in Source link.

Here's my second Gift Box. I hoped to have this completed a little over a month ago, but stuff happens. I've enjoyed using the binary pixel drawing style in these two Gift Boxes, and even introduced a new trick in the form of a clear outline to separate a line from different objects in the background.

Here's the list of gifts, clockwise from the top-left, along with reasons for drawing these gifts:
- Digby, for machv99
drew a bunch of my requests for free, and even some by proxy (1 & 2)
- Loyal Turtle Design (part 1), for Capt. Cerulean
did some gift art for me and even featured my chars in one of his story series! (1, 2, 3)
- Hammer Bro., for my patrons!
thanks for your support and your votes =}
- Banette, for argon vile
close friend in times past; showered me with free art!