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Art by CTH, xTBIDx

Sketches & WIPs (2016)

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Title Sketches & WIPs
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Artist(s): Celestial & CTH
Repost FA: [url]N/A !G[/url]
Repost IB: [url]N/A !G[/url]
Repost PX: [url]N/A !G[/url]
Repost TK: [url]N/A WIP[/url]
Repost TS: [url]N/A WIP[/url]
Repost PH: [url]N/A WIP[/url]
Repost E6: [url]N/A WIP[/url]
Repost AG: [url]N/A WIP[/url]
High Quality version in Source link.

Old gifts and whatnot from Celestial & CTH. I don't foresee progress being made on any of these; at least not in the near future.