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Mickey & Frozen troll (2015)

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Title Mickey & Frozen troll
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Artist(s): Kuroi Wolf (Flat Colors by Ket Ralus)
Finish Date: 2015-05-18 (Inks)
I commissioned Kuroi Wolf for a second drawing last month: this time of Mickey Mouse and a troll from the movie Frozen. What he produced was an amazing piece of art that is sexy, cartoony, and true to the style and proportions of the characters. Of course, he also did a nice job on the feet. ;}

I was so intent on having this colored that I held off posting the original until I finished the colored version. I apologize for the wait, but I hope you are able to enjoy it all just the same, if not moreso~ Again, thanks to Kuroi for the great work! =D

P.S. Kuroi Wolf's original inks are in the "source" link above.
Dayum...the pose is just too good. This is really hot.
I totally agree. ;}