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Red (M&M's) & Pac-Man (2015)

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Title Red (M&M's) & Pac-Man
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... My, ahem, "fascination" (or would that be arousing appeal) towards them oddly-shaped and uncommon characteristics, such as-in here, is *certainly* enough of an vision, to... ah, "erect" my interest in the matter, furthermore and more-so fruitfully~

It seems, I have found this night's fappage selection -

- and the chocolaty cum, is surely to drive my fantasies *even friskier* and wondrously wilder~ <3
Hehe, nice. ;} I almost gave Red normal-style cum, but I felt a squirt of hot chocolate syrup was more fitting for the character =9
Indeed(!) -

- for my fappage over so and such arousing arts, drew the thought/s of them two's squiring their seedy seepage onto my flushed face, and as to have the Pac-Maisters speedy-spurts onto my faced features, and Red's chocolate-coating cum-soon to follow~


(Also - I do gotta ask, Ket; was this certain commish intended, to coincide with Pac's thirty-fifth birthday?)
I didn't know about Pac's birthday, but it's quite the present. ;}
they even brought "chocolates" for the occasion! ;D

Next time around,
I too want *a taste* of that fattening filling. :9
I've heard chocolate is an aphrodisiac. These two must go at it more often than rabbits. ;}
@Ket-Ralus: !!! <3<3<3

IwannaJOIN*so*badly,rightNOW. OmO
Hehe! Guess I struck the right chord. =9
@Ket-Ralus: You *always* knows >how< to stroke my strings, Ketty. ^o^

... I do however apologize, to have been bereft of your certain company,
as I have not come to veered visit, your humbly housing hereon, for at-about a month's time. ;^;
I'm always happy when you return, lomby. =} Hopefully I can produce some new art soon so it's more worth your time. =P
@Ket-Ralus: Danke thanke dearest and deeply, bestest Ket. <3 ://)

I too, do quite love herein, as-to being a particular part of your own's certain community hereon onto here - and too, just as much, do I love them told talks and touched-upon topics, that stems from so such's converses and conversations thereof aplenty a-plethora;

your SITE, is great enough as-is, (really truly), and your art's state as gone with-or-without, >doesn't change< the fact, that it IS a good time spent in-spending on here, *regardless* of so and such Ketty arts nonetheless!

- [For] When in *such grand company*, your place and palace precious, be a l w a y s worth my taken time, Ket. ^^
(~[So] No Need, to wound worry, of that thought~) <3 ;)
I won't worry then. Much appreciated, lomby. <3
'tis all a given, and surely meant absolute[ly], best mister Ralus. <3 :#))

... One the spoken subject of these mmm"munchable" M&Ms however, (beitonhereorelsehwere) I do must ask assumed, since I myself, amn't as felt familiar with them and their made mascots, such as you of Americans are;

- so, my question bares itself, in of what kind of cult of personalities are there, within the brand? What clad colors of many mascots be there, beyond the most obvious[ly striking] of Red, and he himself?

... I KNOW of, of-course, relishable Red, but too of gullible Yellow, singin'-the-blues Blue, and our curvaceous dame of Green... but *I am sure* there's more then four, yeesss?
There's also Orange (though I think they used to call him Crispy) and Ms. Brown.
Heh, well-hey, Ms. Brown is actually *kinda cute*, with her ol'-styled frame-glasses and whatnot-else. :)

(Make me wonder however, if someones in-sums has [already] shipped her 'n' paired 'er into some lesbo-action with the likes of madam Green?)

... As for the that odacious Orange;
I am mostly former-familiar of him and he himself, as being the one 'n' only, who got ass-rammed by an pervy grabby-nabby pretzel! :b (andthusthereaftersoon,them>M&MPretzels<was"born".)
I hope I will see Pac-Man X Spiral, Pac-Man X Ghost Gang.
I will try my best to get more porn of Pac and his friends~ =}
Okay! :D
Perhaps I could be of some usage on Pac-Man X Ghost Gang~ It would be a blast being able to draw it for a request from people on here, plus it'll better my visual and idea of work.
I'll leave you guys to it! ;}
I found some of Kuroi Wolf's art online and noticed that he had a particular knack when it came to drawing feet. So, when he opened for commissions and I approached him for one, I felt it was finally time to get the foot porn of Red & Pac-Man that I have been wanting for many years! While Kuroi typically draws furry characters, he's good with shorties and their feet, so I figured it would be a good fit. I was pleased to see that the likenesses came out well and the action was quite hot! =}

I wasn't satisfied leaving such a nice drawing uncolored. After all, Red's namesake is in his color. Anyway, Kuroi helped me identify some of the spots for coloring, so I was able to maintain proper artistic continuity. Hope you enjoy our "collab" ;} and thanks to Kuroi for the great work! =D

P.S. If you want to see the original inks that Kuroi Wolf did, click the "source" link above.
Artist(s): Kuroi Wolf (Flat Colors by Ket Ralus)