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Fate, Brask, & Ket (2012)


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Title Fate, Brask, & Ket
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Artist(s): Sony-Shock
Repost X1:
On temp_anon's suggestion, I commissioned Sony-Shock, and it was worth it! I asked for a pretty jam-packed drawing, but Sony went to work like it was no problem, and delivered! Sony has a really neat style of character expression and anatomy. Also, colored pencil makes for an interesting medium seldom seen around here. It all came out pretty hot~ I had an issue with how the glans was drawn on Ket/Fate, but I talked to Sony about it, and it should be fine for future drawings. Thank you, Sony-Shock, for doing such a great job! =}

By the way, this is a large resolution drawing, so if anyone needs a smaller version, let me know!