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Brask & Fate "Stuffed and Creamy" (2011)


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Title Brask & Fate "Stuffed and Creamy"
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Artist(s): Kayla-na (a.k.a. Mel the Hybrid)
Repost X1:
I never described this when I uploaded it, but I think I was a bit burned due to the artist's lack of communication. Brask's features here are a little different than usual, somewhat even Ket-like, but the essence is still intact... as are all of the hot parts. ;} Fate's mostly in the background, but we still get to see his genitals all creamy as he stuffs Brask, and his feet are very nice! So, yeah, thanks, Kayla!
I l o v e it!!
Brask is such a lovable chub, and Fate ain't too bad either. ;)
Hehehe. Thanks! I always like getting commissions from people. Such fun new art to look at. =}
I bet! ;D

And speaking of art you like, I've been sketching on a little something that you might like. I know you have a love for the obscure and odd characters, much like me, so...

Ever heard of Buck Bumble, for the N64? Let me tell you, drawing porn of someone with four legs ain't easy, since they have a tendency to get in the way of the "action".
Interesting. =} You should talk to me about it on IM sometime soon.
Well then, when I got the time off some day, I'll be sure to chat with ya. ^^
I like this one. Brask gives a very cute look while being rammed. (Also reminded me of my theme for the day...)
Yeah, the expression is a nice touch. That's still a subject I need to vigorously practice myself. =P