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Brask (color sketch 007 update) (2011)


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Title Brask (color sketch 007 update)
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Artist(s): white-devil


<strong>Art by <a href="">white-devil</a>.</strong>

This time white-devil gives a different style to the subjects, and showcases his impressive coloring skills. I feel he managed to capture the proper essence of each character while adding in his own unique details. Also, I wanted Brask & Ket to have very explicit scenes this time around, and the artist delivered.

I commissioned these pictures back in April as part of a 300 color sketch challenge white-devil had initiated soon before. The full commission is for five pictures of which I described the characters and actions. Since then, he offered an "update" on the sketches that would essentially make them full color pictures, and I took him up on it. A lot happened to him in the past several months, including the cancellation of the challenge, and a flood that destroyed his city and forced him to move, but he still made good on his deal (with the remaining two pictures forthcoming).

Thanks for everything, white-devil! =}
white-devil commissions: Brask, Ket, & Fate color "sketches"
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Gosh, that's some moxie and it looks very well worth the wait given these three so far. Can you give me a little hint on what the last two are?
They are not my own characters, but have drawn each one multiple times. Is that too vague of a hint?
Nope, nothing a little peek at the tag list can't give me a good idea of, heh. ;3
Woah!, these are AWESOME i love the posses of each character, mostly Fate. They all look so cute in these pictures :) :3
He did a super job on these. My personal favorite is Brask; the likeness is well rendered and the pose is by-the-book hot. Ket comes in at a runner-up (even Ket's back markings come intact into the drawing).