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Artist(s): tderek99
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<strong>Art by <a href="">tderek99</a>.</strong>

<a href=''><span class="important">Download</span> the entire "Adventurer's Advent to the Arkmage" comic in a zip file here.</a>


I've posted a couple previews of this comic before, but tonight, Derek has graced me with the finished product. He dedicated a serious amount of time for this. I can't think of words to stress this enough. He's also a bit of a perfectionist about his work, and it really shows. In summary, this is probably the best possible commission I could get. It's a good thing I'm a fan of variety, otherwise I probably wouldn't need to ever commission anything again after this. ;}

This comic was first planned about six months ago, but it took a little while to get off the ground. The sketches for all pages were finished by November, and from there, inking was the last obstacle (until now). To start with, I gave Derek a brief story summary and a list of sex acts roughly mapped across the pages. Derek wrote all of the dialog and planned out the specific positions and viewpoints. He did everything that made this awesome, to sum it up concisely. And if you want to blame someone for a lack of story, direct it here. I purposely told him to favor cock over exposition, and I have no regrets at all. *drools*

Right before Derek posted the comic at FA, he asked me for a title, and I was a bit embarrassed I hadn't thought to create one. However, about 20 minutes later, I came back to him with the title you see here, and I think it's perfect. Ket's an adventurer, and he has just returned home to the arkmage, Brask. Also: alliteration!

The only other thing I want to say before posting this is that I love how Derek portrays expressions. I can feel the emotions of the characters just by looking at their faces. It's very inspirational. I'm extremely happy to have my characters really come alive through his work. Derek, good man, I thank you! =D
"Adventurer's Advent to the Arkmage" by tderek99
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Adventurer's Advent to the Arkmage PG09
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This was certainly worth the wait, delish and the dedication really does show. I'm a fan of alteration myself, fun stuff.
Epic love it
=} I'm glad you like it. Also that you can appreciate the work put into it. Derek did a great thing!
Cool, thanks!
This is an amazing Comic, it's so nice to see the final piece. You know what I'm like for expressions, and seeing the huge range of facial quirks that Ket and Brask go through in this comic are fantastic, I can't get over how adorable Brask looks in this! It's nice seeing Ket look like a stud for once too. Hehe.

On another note, I have to say, Ket and Brask make an amazing couple... I do really want to dress Brask up in a Black Mage Costume though... And Ket as a Knight... <3
Those costume ideas are pretty good! I'll have to note this down.

Thanks for the comments. I agree, of course. ;} It's nice that you're enjoying the comic, and the characters. =D