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Year-End (2009) 2004~06,?? Scraps


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Title Year-End (2009) 2004~06,?? Scraps
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Year-End (2009) 2004~06,?? Scraps
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Year-End Blow-Out: 2004~2009 Scraps
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And now, the main course. These sketches were started at various points in the last 5+ years, but I hoarded them on my computer until I could develop them to a point where I was comfortable with posting them, even as "unfinished" drawings. Of course I recently came to my senses when I realized that if I don't post this shit now, it will never see the light of day. I also don't like so many incomplete projects dangling over my head. Now my only options are new art, or finishing really good unfinished art projects (like the Warp Pipe Orgy).

The first of these two images features scraps started in 2004 through 2006, and a couple where the date is unknown&#8224;. Some of these sketches are little more than elaborate tracings of official art, and I generally shun the use of copied poses these days. There are even some heads stolen straight from official art. Yay for laziness! Now that Homestar Runner sketch (if you can make it out), is based on an idea I thought about constantly several years ago (possibly as early as 2003). I watched a lot of H*R back then, and the idea of Homestar in an orgy with the The Brothers Strong and The Cheat really got me going.

&#8224;These are actually some original character ideas, which you can see in the top left corner. By the way, this does <strong>not</strong> include the <em>actually colored</em> brown dude (who has another sketch in the bottom right corner); that's the Persuader inventor from Ratchet & Clank.

The second of these two images features scraps started in 2007 and 2009. Apparently I was good about posting all of my stuff started in 2008 and 2009&#8225;, so kudos to me on that point. There's nothing here of any real significance. I do notice a lot of these feature fellatio, especially of the "auto-" variety. Also, that square in the bottom right is indeed a modification of Koopa Troopa Revisited. I used that picture as a base for which to experiment with a different penis type (animal style yet with a foreskin), but decided against further use of said penis.

&#8225;It's what I'm doing right now, after all.

Because there are so many characters featured in these two images, and many of them are not even fleshed out enough to be identifiable, I have only tagged certain characters. As mentioned in the last post, let me know if you have any questions!
Oh, I see that adorable lead kid from Contact in there. Mmm, he was a cute lil' guy, especially when he got hit. <3
Yes, Terry is his name. I like his build. I only regret not drawing arms here...

That is actually a recurring issue in my past drawings. My body part drawing priority usually consisted of: head outline, torso, legs, feet, cock and balls, toes, and then everything else when I had time. It's a really lazy and crappy way to approach art. I wouldn't be surprised if someone mistook this stuff for amputee porn. I'm trying to get better about having all of the major shapes drawn first and saving the details for later.
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