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Ket suited (front, unfinished)
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-12-20 03:08:21
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Ket suited
Post Date (GMT): 2009-12-20 03:40:11


In line with my work on Brask's revised clothing, I've also been planning an entirely new wardrobe for Ket. His previous garments were mainly based on a drawing Clarence did several years ago. That was fine for the time, but I wanted to switch to something personal that also fits with the story for my characters. Ket is a traveler, so I wanted to give him clothing that's suited for making various voyages.

Not shown here is Ket's satchel: a shell-shaped suitcase that is used primarily on long treks. Also visibly absent are his weapons and equipment, though some may simply be concealed by his jacket. I'm thinking of giving him a revolver handgun, a knife, and an electroshock weapon. He'll also have various other items such as a flashlight and a communication device.

I didn't feel the need to do a side view for the time being, but one important thing to note is that Ket's pants have high-tech zippers along the sides, which is how he gets them on and off. Since Ket's feet are so large, he would otherwise have to have either very elastic pants, or wide, baggy pant legs. The same size issue can be said about his hands and especially his head (as is the same with Brask). Ket's t-shirt, which he wears under his jacket, has a stretchable opening for his head. I'll eventually work Ket's outfit into a finished state, just as I'll do for Brask.
Hm, quite a western sort of look you've got for Ket here. Also, this must be the first time I've ever seen the character wear clothes. If you had asked me before, I would have said he was a nudist without a second thought. =p
Thanks for the comment, as always. =} Well, as I drew the clothing, I also noticed the wild west style, even though I didn't originally plan it this way. However, I think it's fitting.

And about the nudist thing, hehehe, a <em>lot</em> of people think that. The truth is simply that I'm too lazy to draw clothes. Also, I never fully decided on an outfit for Ket, and I wasn't going to waste time drawing something I wasn't satisfied with... and then have other people try to emulate it in gift art or commissions. However, as I mentioned in the journal entry here, Clarence helped to create some garments which were also referenced in other pictures.

Here's a bunch of links to pictures of Ket wearing clothing:

Partial clothing (adult):

Eye-burning prototype drawing:
Wow, I must say. Ket looks very snazzy in those threads! I think those clothes suit him down pat! Specially love the symbol on his back. I'd love to see some more of him like this! Hope to see him in some more clothes soon <3
Thank you! =} Designing clothing can be pretty fun when I have the inspiration and motivation for it. Currently I don't have any ideas for alternate outfits, but you'll probably see more pictures of this one over the next year. Though, at the same time, I don't plan on having any fewer adult pictures. ;}
XD That's good news to hear for me. I do hope you do a cool futuristic costume for Ket. Something metalic <3 And a Fantasy costume with him as a knight ~ (Think frog from Chrono Trigger <3)

Keep up the great work, I so hope to see some more pictures of Ket in the future, I have far too big a crush on him~
A crush? *blush* I put a lot of time and thought into my characters so that actually means a lot to me. =}

Those are some good costume ideas. When I get around to designing alternate outfits for him, I'll keep your suggestions in mind!
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