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Sprite & Sylphid (2011)


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Title Sprite & Sylphid
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Sprite & Sylphid
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-10-16 06:38:09
Image GUID: 2009/10/k7_20091015a_u_sprite_sylphid.jpg
Sprite & Sylphid
Post Date (GMT): 2009-10-16 06:44:33
Progress History: "Jinn" 2006-05-16 start


I recently finished Secret of Mana again. It was a game I played growing up as a kid, so I'm fond of it. I played as the Sprite and the entire time I played I knew I'd have to draw porn of him when I was done. The current incarnation of this picture was started a week ago, but concept drawings of Sylphid and even the Sprite have been on the backburner since 2006. The concept behind the picture is Sylphid spreading the seeds of the Sprite out into the forest...

Anyway, I was going to use a practice session called "cum" as an excuse to draw this, but I don't really need practice drawing cum right now, and I also would have had to spend a lot more time on this picture to justify having really detailed cum. So, I'm releasing this simply as an unfinished picture. =}
hmm not little perv.
Hey now, I'm a <em>big</em> perv!
I'm more interested in what the Sprite is looking at and finds so joyful and fascinating, because he certainly doesn't appear to be enjoying the sex at first glance.
You mean Sylphid? The Sprite's face is kinda at an angle, so you can only see a tiny bit of his right eye. Sylphid is looking at cum flying away into the forest, hahaha.