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Ket, Fate, & Brask (low quality) (2011)


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Title Ket, Fate, & Brask (low quality)
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Artist(s): Purple Kecleon
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<strong>Art by <a href="">Purple Kecleon</a>.</strong>

I wish I had a clever title or a vivid description to bestow upon this picture, but I think it speaks for itself. Last month I contacted PK for a commission. My idea was somewhat ambitious, but I knew it would be no daunting task for her. I asked for Ket & Brask to double penetrate Fate, mentioned a few things I like to see in porn, and let her deal with the rest. She got a good grip on it, as I didn't need to suggest many changes to her; though when I did, she was happily willing to make it happen. I was pleased by her friendliness and openness to communicate. The end result is beautiful, and I thank her for the time she spent on this. =}

<ins datetime="2009-12-31T03:06:17+00:00"><strong>UPDATE: While the original version shows plenty of detail, if you like this picture as much as I do, there is now a high quality version for your viewing pleasure.</strong></ins>
Purple Kecleon commission: Ket, Fate, & Brask
Post Date (GMT): 2009-03-14 06:11:36
Progress History: 2009-02-17/19 : started
Ket, Fate, & Brask
Art by Purple Kecleon
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-03-14 06:00:10
Image GUID: 2009/03/purple_kecleon_2009_ket_fate_brask.jpg
Wow, I have to say, that is very hot, and very very gay. XD; Nice seeing more pictures of Ket though, hope you'll start delivering some of him soon too!
The gayer, the better! =D I'm glad you like it.

I need to finish watching the rest of the aired LOST episodes so I can get back to focusing on art. Don't worry though; I started watching the series a few weeks ago, and I'm almost done with season 4 now. =P