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Lakitu Exposed (2011)


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Title Lakitu Exposed
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September 1st, 2002 marked the commencement of my first piece of adult artwork.

My first set of art, as you see here, was drawn entirely within that week of Sep. 1~7 (though several improvements were made after this time). While these pictures look like crappy napkin doodles, they were what got me started in drawing as a true hobby. That said, these are not bad for all being done in one week; I should have kept this pace up for the next few sets. I never even look at these any more, but I keep them here for completion and historical purposes.

Description written 2008-07-09.
Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus
Progress History: Modified content on an unknown date.
Materials: Plain white paper, #2 pencil, a scanner, and Photoshop (clean up/branding).