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Ket @ ACFI #1 (2023)

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Title Ket @ ACFI #1 (2023)
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It's a me, Ket! =} Thanks to Roman over at Lemonbrat for these ACFI photos! <3
I wanted to add more context to this photo, since it's the first time featuring the Ket Ralus Fursuit on my gallery.

This beautiful fursuit was designed by Lemonbrat! I originally reached out to them in 2022 and talked with them over the course of 17 months as they created the one and only Ket Ralus Fursuit just for me! The completed fursuit was given to me at ACFI in 2023 (along with the postcard in >>21793). With help from Roman, I donned the suit and strolled around the con for this photo and others that follow.

This suit can be worn as a partial (with a standalone tail) or a full suit (with a tail attached to the body). It also comes with fursuit sandals, removable/adjustable eyelids, red koopa shell nipple pasties, strategically-placed zippers, and a fan inside the beak of the head to help keep me cool. I gotta admit, this is a lot of material, and it's not easy to wear, but I sure enjoy modeling it for those who appreciate the design~ A big thanks to Lemonbrat for the outstanding work! =}