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Ket, Mickey, Squirtle (2018)


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Title Ket, Mickey, Squirtle
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Artist(s): temp_anon (story)

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Last month I commissioned temp_anon to write a story about an intimate night between yours truly and his favorite plushies. It comes complete with transformation and explicit action. I thank temp for the great work on this~ <3 Hope you enjoy! =}


Written by temp_anon

Ket tugs down his pants around his ankles, then takes them off and hangs them on his bed frame as he gets ready to get some sleep. Next his shirt comes off with a small jiggle of his light-skinned, flabby belly and soft chest. Down to just a pair of snug red boxer briefs, he climbs into bed over a large Mickey Mouse plush and settles in between the mouse and a plush Squirtle on his other side. The human gets both plushes in his arms and holds them close on each of his sides, then quickly falls asleep in the plush cuddle.

Deep in his dreams, Ket finds himself surrounded by a troop of tortavis. Small green turtle-like creatures all gather together and smother the human in warm green scales. Perky light green nipples and fingers, and erect green scaly dicks rub up against the human. Meanwhile in Ket’s bed, the human can feel changes happen through his slumber. His nose becomes harder and takes on a shade of emerald green, then starts to slowly creak outward into a beak. His eyes grow larger behind his closed eyelids and shift closer together as his hair falls out to leave a smooth newly green-scaled scalp. His ears retract into his head, which leaves only a simple functional hole for hearing. Deep green scales form a pattern along his back, while a few more develop on his neck and top of his chest as emerald green scales spread all over the human’s body. His body twitches pleasure as the changes take more drastic effects.

Ket’s forearms and anteriors start to thicken up with a tortavi’s strength. His hands and feet thicken up next into the cartoonishly large form adult tortavis are known for. As the hands and feet thicken up, Ket’s pinky finger melds into the finger next to it until he’s left with three thick fingers and a thumb. Ket’s two smallest toes meld into the ones next to it until he has only three large, rounded toes and plush soles of soft light green scales. As these changes happen, his arms and legs shorten down until he’s shortened from a 6 foot tall grown adult human, to a just above 3 foot tall adult tortavi.

Ket’s new beak extends out until it is well past his face and melds into his jaw, with two circle shaped nostrils and a slightly tipped pink tongue that wiggles inside the new large space it has to play. His new green cheeks expand out as his shoulders thin a bit until his head reaches properly large tortavi proportions with a big cute head as wide as his body. Suddenly, the new tortavi shifts over onto his side with a thick arm over his Squirtle plush doll. Something wriggles near the top of the butt of his red briefs and grows thicker and longer. A tortavi tail starts to wag with excitement as it naturally extends out over the waistband of his briefs. Meanwhile the front of his briefs tent out with several inches of a foreskin-hooded green tortavi dick and two large tortavi balls churn underneath. A dark stain of precum forms around the tip as it pokes up against the Mickey Mouse plush and the sensation is enough to wake Ket from his transformative slumber.

Ket blinks a few times with his new, tall red eyes and feels a strong sense of comfort. He raises a large four-fingered hand into view and looks at his light green palm. It feels right, perfect to Ket. His tail continues to wag and makes a soft thumping noise against his bed. His new tipped tongue laps across the underside of his big, hard beak while his other large green hand dips into his briefs to feel his new smoothly scaled dick and give it a few jerks. The green foreskin bunches up around the pink cockhead as his tail wags a little more, but then Ket notices some movement from the Mickey Mouse plush in front of him.

Mickey’s felt nose starts to twitch with new life as his mouth starts to move with a twitch. The plush animates with more and more movement as it comes to life. The hands change from simple white mittens to fully formed gloved hands with four functional fingers in each glove. The black felt all over Mickey’s body changes to silky, black mouse fur up and down his thin arms and legs, to the tips of his huge round ears and large hands and feet. The peach felt on his mouth smooths into living skin and stretches into a happy smile of a mascot’s glee. His fake tail starts to whip and wag with life as his red shorts bulge in the front with new genitals and sexual activity. Mickey’s hard dick forms a tight tent as his balls come in with two big bulges just underneath. Mickey Mouse’s tent bumps into Ket’s briefs bulge as Ket’s green cheeks blush with excitement, then Ket feels something feeling around his back.

A gentle pokemon’s cry of “Squirtle squirt” comes from behind Ket as the Squirtle plush tests his new mouth and feels at Ket’s deep green scales with new short Squirtle fingers. The felt that makes up his shell hardens up into a proper shell while the limp light blue tail behind it starts to gently sway with new muscles. Squirtle’s large eyes blink and get used to actual sight as the water turtle pokemon feels large new genitals feel snug inside his shell. His new thick dick and large balls feel tight in his shell, with the genitals being bigger than the average Squirtle’s.

Ket turns over onto his back, careful not to hurt his new wagging tortavi tail, to find a new, happy Squirtle in his bed beside him. Mickey’s big, wet nose nuzzles into Ket’s cheek and the mouse lets out a light, playful chuckle as a gloved hand reaches down into Ket’s briefs. Squirtle’s fat three fingers reach in too and feel at Ket’s green hand still stroking his hard dick. Squirtle and Mickey both pull down on Ket’s briefs as the tortavi lifts his hips up to help them along. With a flick of clear precum from his pink cockhead to the sheets, Ket’s new tortavi dick is exposed to the warm room air. Squirtle’s hand can’t reach down far enough with his stubby arms, but Mickey’s hand is able to pull Ket’s briefs down over his thick feet and off his body.

Mickey reaches one hand over to unbutton one of the large white buttons on his tented-out red shorts, while Ket gets the other button off with a flick of his thick fingers and strong hands, then they both tug them down. As Mickey’s long black dick and heavy dark balls spring out, Mickey works on getting his cotton gloves off to better feel the two turtle-like creatures in bed with him. Mickey digs one heel into the back of one of his large yellow shoes and tugs it off, then does the same to the other. Mickey yanks off his red shorts completely to leave the mascot completely nude. His huge black feet and eight toes rub up against Ket’s thick legs and feet as Mickey relishes total nudity in his new body.

Squirtle tugs his head and arms into his hard shell while his stubby legs kick around awkwardly. Squirtle bumps his nose into his light pink cockhead and flushes red with embarrassment as it gushes a gob of precum in his face, then his legs withdraw into his shell properly. With a loud “Squirtle!” of effort, Squirtle pulls himself out of his shell to expose himself fully, from his bald blue head, to his floppy thick light blue dick and hefty balls and his chubby butt and belly. His shell clatters to the floor after rolling off the bed, then Squirtle reaches over to rub at Ket’s perky green nipple while his blue dick flops over Ket’s chubby belly.

Squirtle’s short toes brush up against Ket’s hips as he rubs his big pink cockhead up against Ket’s hand and the dick it holds. It splurts warm wet precum all over the dick and soaks it in the clear sticky goo. Mickey mimics the motion with his own long, hard dick and bumps it into the slick tortavi dick while Ket lets go of his cock and lets them frot their dicks up against his. Ket smears slick Squirtle and tortavi precum on his chest as he rubs his perky nipples with one hand, and the other tucks under his large head to prop himself up to watch a big fat Squirtle dick and a long hard mouse dick sandwich and warm his own green dick between them. He groans softly as his large green balls tighten up into big orbs and his tail thumps constantly underneath him. Ket reaches his wet hand underneath Squirtle to his right, and shifts over onto his side, with his plump green ass and tail facing Mickey’s dick, then Ket turns over Squirtle so that his cute smiling face is facing the tortavi’s warm green dick and balls and Squirtle’s ass is in Ket’s face.

Ket bends his knee back a bit to feel Mickey’s smooth black fur along his sensitive light green underfoot scales, and that is all the invitation the mascot needs to plow his long dick into Ket’s welcoming pink pucker. Ket grunts as his hole is spread open easily by Mickey’s dick, but pleasure comes from the fucking quickly as Mickey thrusts his hips in between pleasurable chuckles and whips of his long black tail against the bed. Mickey’s bare furry hand reaches over Ket and rubs at his perky wet nipples.The tortavi groans in pleasure as Squirtle’s stout feet wiggle in front of him. Ket rubs his big hard beak into the large Squirtle feet in front of him, then holds them both in his sticky hands and rubs them along his cheeks as his tortavi dick twitches and splurts precum in Squirtle’s face.

Squirtle wraps his arms around Ket’s hips and brings them forward so that Ket’s dick enters his warm, wide mouth and slides up against his sloppy tongue. Ket’s tail bumps into Squirtle’s hands as the blue turtle sucks him off and slathers it in water pokemon spit. Drool soaks Ket’s crotch as Ket explores the big fat blue butt just under his chin with a thick green thumb. The pokemon tightens up his pink hole as a rounded fingertip probes around the hole. Ket then slathers the hole in slick precum and dives a finger in. A large splurt of pokemon precum splashes against Ket’s tummy and chest as the large floppy blue dick and fat orbs get to work.

Ket’s dick pushes forward into the back of Squirtle’s warm throat as Mickey thrusts harder and harder, enough to make the tortavi groan heavy and often while Mickey plants toony smooches on Ket’s bald head. Ket continues to plunge his thumb in and out of Squirtle’s cute asshole to muffled pleasured cries of “Squirt squirt!” around the green dick in the pokemon’s mouth. Ket pokes and prods at Squirtle’s prostate a few times, but it’s more than enough to get a sticky and thick reaction from the blue turtle pokemon. Warm, wet cum geysers out of Squirtle’s floppy dick to soak Ket’s body in cum and even splash a bit on the mouse behind him as Squirtle’s big blue sack jiggles with the effort. Ket meanwhile feels more warming coming from inside him as a loud “H-ho ho!” comes from Mickey as he starts to cum next, deep inside the tortavi’s ass and enough to leak out of the pink asshole and slick Ket’s butt cheeks with mascot cum. Ket is the last tortavi to cum across the finish line as he drags his thin tongue along Squirtle’s feet and enjoys the light pokemon musk in his nostrils and on his tongue. Tortavi cum splatters in the back of Squirtle’s throat as Ket’s dick twitches with a deep pleasurable orgasm for several sticky shots for the pokemon to enjoy gulping down.

The trio pants loudly and enjoys the sticky afterglow of their threesome. They don’t change position after splurting out so much cum all over and inside each other, but instead at least hold each other close for a well earned rest after a long eventful night.