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<ins datetime="2011-04-30T02:10:40+00:00"><strong>UPDATE: <a href="">New commission info here.</a></strong></ins>

As mentioned in a previous post, I will be drawing live "streaming" sketch commissions for the low price of only $5 a pop. Each two-hour session has me drawing a single character doing whatever you want (example above). I draw before you pay, so you can get your satisfaction guarantee.

I only need three small things from you to get started:

1. A date/time.
- Look at the <a href="">schedule</a> for a two-hour block where I'm available. That's when I'll be drawing, live.

2. A description.
- One character, anything goes. Reference images are helpful. Minor details can be saved for the drawing session.

3. An instant messenger contact.
- Any IM service you want. This is to get feedback from you as I draw and make any changes you want. Alternatively, you may use the Livestream chat room.

You can either post the info here or contact me privately. I'll write you back to accept the deal.

Later, after I'm done with the sketch, I'll give you an address and you'll send it $5 via PayPal. You can then take your shiny new sketch and do whatever you'd like with it. Post it, color it, go nuts! =}

<strong>SPECIAL PROMOTION!!!</strong>
I will create a free sketch commission when I reach 700 watchers on FurAffinity. The character and content will be decided by majority vote based on any suggestions posted from now until the day of the big 700 (one per person). Let me know wha you want to see! If you don't have an account on FA, go ahead and <a href="">sign up</a>, then <a href="">watch me</a>!
$5 Live Sketch Commissions Open
Post Date (GMT): 2011-03-31 07:27:07
SC000 - Rockman sitting
Chibi Mega Man from the Powered Up game. Drawn in two hours as a test run for my live sketch sessions.
Image Post Date (GMT): 2011-03-31 07:22:24
Image GUID: 2011/03/k7_20110331a_s_rockman_sitting.png
I get so busy with working and studying, and the time difference I dont know if I'll be able to find a time on your scheduele where i can be on the computer &gt;_<
I&#039;ll try to be around Sat 2am your time ( i think it works out around then)
Awesome! I just marked you down on the schedule. Take a look and let me know if you need any changes. Also, if you can give me a description of the picture and a way to talk with you while drawing, that would be great! =}
Hell, if nobody offers an idea for a sketch for when I reach the watch limit, I'm just going to draw Brask covered in cum. ;}
I'm going to try drawing a commission sketch for you on my own this weekend, since it seems you're not able to be around while I'm working. I know you want Impmon doing something playful (and naughty, I assume), but let me know if you have any details to specify for the picture!