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theshizl_2010_gay_fate_ket_autofellatio (2011)


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Title theshizl_2010_gay_fate_ket_autofellatio
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Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus


<strong>Art by <a href="">TheShizL</a>.</strong>

I commissioned this back in February, and it's finally finished! TheShizL went through some tough times, so I can overlook the delay. I have to say I'm pleased with the result. Fate looks particularly gay with his cutesy face and puckered asshole on display. Ket gets some more autofellatio action (always a good thing). The penetration is nice, especially with the secondary view.

The original picture had some JPEG compression artifacts, so I decided to clean up the image and apply some simple colors to it. Both versions are here for your perusal.

Thanks be to TheShizL! =}
TheShizL commission: Gay Fate & Ket Autofellatio
Post Date (GMT): 2010-08-31 08:23:06
Gay Fate & Ket Autofellatio
Art by TheShizL
Characters by Ket Ralus
Image Post Date (GMT): 2010-08-31 08:12:00
Image GUID: 2010/08/theshizl_2010_gay_fate_ket_autofellatio.jpg
Oh my, I forgot Ket was that limber. That lucky turtle. The addition of colors went alright too, but the beak looks kinda soft in this image.
Ket just has to watch his weight. If he puts on too many pounds, it's no longer easy for him! The beak is indeed subtle. I suppose that's the artist's style. Glad this picture is all finished, colored, and posted. Now to get back to other things. ;}
Love the picture...soo
Hey, there! Haven't heard from you in a while. Glad you enjoy the picture. =}
Yeah, my laptop and all of my possesions got stolen.. so i had to move house and get some new stuff. Will I.M you when you are on, anyway yeah love the pic you know i am a big fan of fate x
Horrible news. ={

Though I'm pleased to know you enjoy Fate and this picture. =}
Yeah Fate is my favourite
Cool. Nice to have each of my characters appreciated. Thank you. =}