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Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus
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Commission for <a href="">Blue</a> & <a href="">Darkie</a>.

I didn't get a proper story to go with this, so here's some of what Darkie has to say about this scene:

<blockquote>Darkie doesn't know that V-mon has been put under hypnosis, so they're messing around, joking. In this small story, they're both 'straight'. So when Darkie tells V-mon to suck his dick and doesn't know V-mon's in his trance, V-mon goes over, pulls down his sweaty boxers, leaving him standing against a locker and starts sucking. Darkie's like O_O as his best friend suddenly gives him a blowjob. The picture's taken halfway through the scene, where Darkie's like, embarrassed, but loving it.</blockquote>

I thought a good alternative title would be: "Digi know I'd smoke your pole?" -- I opted to stick with something more descriptive. Anyway, this all began when I offered Blue a special, free commission for actively posting on my journal since I opened it two years ago. He detoured me to Darkie for the actual description and direction of the content you see here. To some of you, this scenario will look <a href="">strangely familiar</a>. I don't especially love that I'm attempting to draw something after Momiji-kun has pretty much mastered it, but since I haven't drawn it before myself, it's new to me, and I get some experience with elements I would normally neglect. Additionally, Momiji didn't get to draw Guilmon and Impmon's glistening packages (I actually wanted to draw Impmon with his cock out, jacking it, but Darkie wouldn't have it XD).

So, I spent four months working on this picture. Mostly because I'm super slow at completing pictures, but also because there were many other happenings during this time (work and other hobbies mostly). What follows is my technical "post-mortem" review...

I nearly threw a tantrum when I had to draw the features of the lockers. I could have half-assed the background, but that wouldn't have been fair to Darkie, and I kinda wanted to challenge myself through practice. Of course, this is not to say that the lockers look great; they are still rather mediocre and boring, and this is proof that I need much more experience with lighting and detail. One thing I didn't realize until after I drew the lockers is how in the hell the short Rookie-type Digimon would reach the top row, but I cheaply rationalized it by assuming the taller Digimon like Guilmon would only use the top lockers.

I have to say that I still need to learn more about giving images appropriate depth. I've been observing other artists such as <a href="">Purple Kecleon</a>, and noticed that the whole light/shadow process seems more effective when blending is used minimally, and there are stark areas of contrast (<a href="">for great example</a>). It's almost like doing a cel-shaded style, but then adding subtle texture to it. Actually, I know I've been exposed to this ever since my days working with <a href="">Argon Vile</a>. I think it has just now dawned on me that I'm much too timid about adding contrast, or at least I need to learn how to apply it effectively. I experimented with this a bit on the Digimon here (though applying ceiling lighting to the round heads confounded me), but I think I can step up my game for future pics.
Hypnotized V-Mon commish, for Blue & Darkie
Post Date (GMT): 2009-08-12 16:06:48
Hypnotized V-Mon commish, for Blue & Darkie
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Thank you again for doing this, just as I said in FA, I LOVE this picture. It's amazing, you really put a great deal of effort in this and it shows. There's so much going on in the picture that it's understandable it took you a while to draw, but the outcome is fantastic.

You're awesome Kinny! I just hope we see more of these two in the future! (AND LOADS MORE IMPY!)
I'm just happy you approve of it. =} I actually am glad that I finally finished it; this was good experience to be had though. An accomplishment!

Believe me when I say I want to draw some hardcore Impmon porn. He's kinda one of those characters I find really hot, but for some reason I don't draw porn of because he's not obscure enough, or isn't in my top <em>X</em> favorite characters. I'll try to do something with him before the year is over. Just keep watching my site!
Alright, you better! And when you said "X" It made me think, Impmon getting done by RockmanX would be so hot. XD;
Goddamn, you are a horny bastard! The two characters don't even seem to have anything in common, hahaha. But if I were to draw Rockman X, I'd probably draw him closer to original Rockman proportions though. Which, by the way, reminds me of that Rockman and robot bunny request you threw out at me (which I kinda found oddly arousing).

Anyway, don't get me wrong, Impmon and X would indeed be hot... just <em>so</em> random. =P
A bit like the mickey mouse and lemming one you did loved that one
Because of the randomness? Hey, random can be hot. No doubt about it. I'm just more of an organized guy so I often think in patterns and such. Hehehe.