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Braskling X Brightman (2011)

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Title Braskling X Brightman
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Artist(s): Gazpacho
Finish Date: 2009-01-12
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Original Post Date: 2009-01-15
Progress History: Original Title: "Brilliance and Obscurity"
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Brightman's preoccupation with invention has led him to conduct research on the very relics that Brask possesses. Their ancient, intricate workings are a marvel of engineering. But amongst such things as the removal of relics and clothing from Brask's body, the tests of physical contact that Brask agreed to perform for Brightman, and the long, engaging conversations they held, sparks began to fly between the two.

Brightman yearned for the feeling of another man with him, but was disgusted by the promiscuity and impassiveness of the red-light districts that many resorted to. He felt much comfort in having an intimate personal relationship, and that seemed to be just what was flourishing between him and Brask.

It wasn't long before Brask made his move on the shy Robot Master. A surprise kiss on the cheek from a scantily dressed Brask ignited the passion that burned towards our current scene. "Ah! You're really going to let me have you inside?" Brightman said, blushing. Brask gave a big toothy retort, "We'll see how much of me you can take before I can answer that!"

This is the picture I commissioned Gazpacho to draw for me (the one that almost got away, as I was the last person on his list). I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted him to draw at the time, except for my character, Brask, since I figured Gazpacho's style would be a perfect match for the little guy (and I was correct!). I really liked Gazpacho's Robot Master drawings, so I also asked him if he was willing to draw porn of one; since he never posted any Robot Master porn before, I was half-expecting a "no way". However, Gazpacho said he would do it! Gazpacho seemed enthusiastic during the whole process, and even told me that he enjoyed working on this, so that made me very happy. =}

This was completed two days ago, but Gaz and I still needed to discuss some things afterward. Also, I had the whole Ket Ralus thing going on yesterday, which took up all of my time. But anyway, I finally wrote up the description which had been developing in my mind since I chose the pairing, and I also gave it a clever title. However, I give my compliments to Gazpacho for an amazing piece of art! Thank you!