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Hardman, Snakeman, Needleman (Unfinished) (2011)

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Title Hardman, Snakeman, Needleman (Unfinished)
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Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus
Start Date: 2008-09-29
Original Filename: k7_20081001b_u_hardman_snakeman_needleman.jpg
Original Post Date: 2008-10-01 05:43:01 (GMT)
Collection Title: Games make me horny
Collection Post Date: 2008-10-01 05:56:33 (GMT)
Games make me horny

Well, only on limited occasions, and not enough to distract from the game at hand. But it's obvious when I've been playing a game a lot, as you'll see me draw porn of the strangest characters from it. On this topic, the reason why I've been away for so long can be traced to the fact that gaming and drawing both compete for my time, and I can't give preference to one over another. They are like yin and yang. One feeds me with art, concepts, and entertainment, and the other is an output for my creativity.

While not a game I've been playing (waiting for XBLA version), Mega Man 9 is here. But there aren't any Mega Man 9 characters I felt like drawing, so I went back to an idea I had for a Mega Man 3 threesome. If you have eyes in your head, you can probably see that this is really rough. I just wanted to get the basic idea down... though I did slip into my bad habit of adding detail to places that may need to be completely changed anyway. Thus, I'll probably redraw this one from scratch later on when I'm thinking with my head rather than my dick.