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Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus


The first three were started in 2006, but I made some big improvements to them this year. The final two were started within this past week. I don't really have anything to say at the moment, so we can just play Q&A if you want to know any details.

<h3>A. "Heatman cum"</h3>
It's warm and tasty.

<h3>B. "Hardman is hard"</h3>
This is partially an edit of existing sprite work, but half of it is all mine.

<h3>C. "Rockman pinup"</h3>
This was started on 2006-09-02. The idea came from a dream where I found a hentai manga with all kinds of super-hot Robot Master sex in it. The character proportions and features were all in a similar style to this (naturally, that's what I'm into), but of course the manga was professionally drawn. My drawing attempted to recapture a sketch found on one of the pages, albeit with a pixelized style. I wish I remembered other details from that dream, because it was awesome. Though maybe the dream was a premonition. Perhaps one day I will find such a manga... or maybe even create one myself. ^^

On 2007-11-19 I made a larger version with inks. I think the face looks terrible, which is why it's still unfinished.

<h3>D. "Heatman & Bubbleman frot"</h3>
A quick Photoshop work. I think the characters are coming out cute but it still needs a lot of work.

<h3>E. "Cutman, Bombman, & Iceman"</h3>
I started this in openCanvas last November and haven't touched it since, to my dismay. I definitely want to continue work on this.

So far you have seen a trio from Mega Man 2 and this trio from Mega Man 1. I actually have an idea for another picture I'd like to draw involving Needleman, Snakeman, and Hardman. I will start that at some point in the future.
robot masterbate
Post Date (GMT): 2007-11-20 07:59:05
Progress History: A: 2006-04-01 start; 2006-04-04 v2; 2006-06-23 v5; see PSD for more
B: 2006-08-17 start
C: 2006-09-02 start; 2007-01-08 public WIP; 2007-05-21 large ver start
D: 2007-11-13 start
E: 2007-11-17~18 start
Materials: A: Photoshop CS2, MX510 mouse
C: Photoshop CS2 (pencil tool!), MX510 mouse
Cutman, Bombman, & Iceman
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-02-25 05:51:37
Image GUID: 2007/11/k7_20071119e_u_cutman_bombman_iceman.jpg
i'd already seen that second one before. i think you captured bubble man's head shape pretty well in #4, he looks cute!
The one with cutman, bombman and iceman is my fave one. XD It's so awesome looking. You should do more of these.
I actually drew Bubbleman's head very quickly. But I also like how it came out. I guess I got lucky. I'll have to keep working on that picture, as it's still fresh (read: rough).

I really like the MM1 trio, and I want to keep working on it. I also have an awesome scenario planned out for an MM3 trio (Needleman, Snakeman, and Hardman), but that will come at a later time.