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Aero & Knuckles (2011)


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Title Aero & Knuckles
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Aero & Knuckles
Image Post Date (GMT): 2008-08-11 13:56:44
Image GUID: 2007/01/k7_20070116a_aero_knuckles.jpg
Buttsex in the sky and in the sea
Post Date (GMT): 2007-01-16 16:00:45
Progress History: a: 2003 started.
b: 2004 Q1 started.
Materials: a: Pencil and paper, Photoshop CS/CS2.
b: Photoshop CS/CS2, Logitech Optical Mouse.


<h3>1. "Aero & Knuckles"</h3>
I actually started this back in 2003, as far as I can tell. Anyway, it was originally supposed to be my "return to fanart" after the Ket & Brask pictures, but it got kept on the backburner for a long damn time. I was thinking of coloring it, but I decided just to clean it up and then be done with it. I actually like the composition of the picture, but I think I could do a better job drawing the characters with my current skill level. I may just do that... but no promises.

<h3>2. "Patrick & Squidward"</h3>
Patrick was made first and Squidward was added later. Patrick was made entirely with vector shapes, since it was something new I wanted to toy around with. Squidward was supposed to have been created the same way, but I called it quits after finishing the sketch outline. I don't plan on ever finishing this. However, the two characters may appear in future porn of mine. Useless note: The picture says 2003 on it, but this was actually started in 2004. Who even cares?
Artist(s): Ket✦Ralus