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Art by CTH, argon_vile

Break Time (2011)


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Title Break Time
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Artist(s): CTH a.k.a. D'Jih Ell & argon vile
While this was never explicitly drawn for me, I learned from the both of them later on that I was the target audience for this picture. Argon had some past experience drawing the characters, but apparently D'Jih did most of the work here. Regardless, this is still one of my favorite pictures. If you know my tastes well enough, this might not seem ironic, but Lakitu is the highlight of the piece. Even though the detail is limited, I love his feet, the shape of his body, and the cumshot. Magnificent.

Completed 2006-11-04 in openCanvas. Originally posted 2006-11-05. Description written on 2008-08-06.