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Goofy, Mickey, Minnie (2017)


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Title Goofy, Mickey, Minnie
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Artist(s): local-shop
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local-shop not only took me up on my idea for drawing Mickey, Minnie, & Goofy in a threesome, but imagined it as a short in the style of the new Mickey Mouse cartoons...

Mickey promises Minnie a surprise for her birthday, but she misunderstands a la Runaway Brain and thinks he says "two guys" or something. "Ooh, Mickey! You mean a threesome?! I'm so excited! I've always wanted that!" She's so eager and happy that Mickey can't back out. He figures Goofy is much more easy going and friendly than Donald, so he invites Goofy over. Minnie is delighted, because she's always wondered what it would be like with him, Goofy being so big and tall. So the sex commences: Goofy is overeager and clumsy but glad to have a good time with his friends, Minnie is titillated and excited to try new things, and Mickey — who never bargained for this — is nervous and a little jumpy. This leads to many times where Mickey is freaked out because this is all so new to him. At one point, he's inside Minnie and watching her suck Goofy, who's fucking her mouth happily, and it's making him blush. Then Goofy goes, "Alright, Mick! Your turn!" "Wait wait, my turn?!" Goofy gets up, goes behind Mickey, scoops up his ass and slides right in (a moment pictured in this drawing). Mickey's nervous right up until his ass gets filled. Then he sees stars, feeling something he never imagined before, and realizes it feels amazing. The three move together until all three come. Happy ending!!

Thanks, Vee! =}