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Bombs Away! (2015)


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Title Bombs Away!
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Artist(s): yellowpower
A new commish from yellowpower (a.k.a. Shimera). =} I wanted another robot master threesome, and he delivered! His positioning and drawing skill is great, as always. And this time he did a cool Bombman stage background! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ;}
HOT-DAMN ziggity-diggity! - And (this came) just when I was in a robophilic mood too!!!

Must fap *hard*,
for these and them pants o' mine's "toggle" goes OFF, but mah cock goes ON, 'n' on *turbo*. >:9

-insertfappityfaphere- <3 <3 <3
In hindsight, I kinda apologize *how horny* my message came off/out. xD
I was r e a l l y turned-on when I wrote it/at that point in-writing,
I feel I should say something more, artistic (then arousing), about the/this piece too~ <#<

... Bombman's chubby-esc-physique, is really quite something to adore (and arouse oneself over), and surely, I appreciate how he's front-and-center herein, and "worshiped" by his peers, per say~~~

Too, I love his little blushy "beak" too, along with his monstrous mohawk. <3

... In sum;
Bombman, surely knows how to set himself up THE BOMB, and makes quite the cumtastic *explosion* in his ecstasy,
and too, [he be] surely a man who's to make Bubbleman's [cum]bubble *burst*~ ;D

... They just gotta keep *an eye* out for Cutman's tipped top
- unless they're in the mood for an improvised-and-UNexpected circumcision. (yikes'n'yipes) <~<
No apologies needed, my friend. I always enjoy hearing when art I commission or draw is able to excite others. ;}

Bombman is overdue for central presentation, so I'm glad Shim did such a solid job giving him the attention he deserves.

Also, Cutman and Bubbleman are two of my favorite robot masters, so it's only fitting they join him. =}

Thanks for the detailed comments, lomby!
Hehehe, no prob' Ket! -

- I speak so in lengths, because I love it just as so(!), so *of course* I sometimes wish/es to share those perverse ponders of mine too~ ;3

... and a temptatious turtle alike you yourself, *never seem to mind* so either. <3