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Vivi's Ass (2014)


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Title Vivi's Ass
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One of a set of many pictures from Redemption3445 a.k.a. mista-red! =}

I've *always* wanted something like this, but seldom have I entertained the idea to become reality. Vivi is just... *wonderful* - marvelous and magical; short and cute... and incredibly desirable! (In oh-so-many ways.)

He looks great with an servicing cock up his bubbly-butt too, especially with those snug orbs of his, nested so neatly below~

Whoever requested/paid, and/or made this; I can not begin to thank so for so enough!
Heheh =} Well the request and payment was me, and the art is all MistahRed's, so your compliments are in good hands. ;}

Red's also done a few other pics of Vivi you should check out. Sent me a private message (FA, email, etc.) with a reminder if you're interested, and I'll hook you up!
Message sent, Ket o' bud~ >:)

Glad to see, I amn't alone in lustin' over this black-mage's bouncy bottom~ <3
... And his teeny, touchy and tender, munchable member - not to neglect his bountiful, bubble-balls, of course!
And also, those thickly plump thighs, and terrific blubber of a belly...
Such a cutely featured face too, and *those* beady li'l, goldened eyes -
- fittingly golden, for a *golden* character, in so-many-ways~

There's sooo much of him, one wishes to rub relishably, and fondle finely, you know?
... And - MMMmmmMMM - I could be here all day, unless I'd stop myself in word for now!
Yes! So much to enjoy under all those clothes. =9
And it'd be a likewise treat, to disrobe such a treasure (Vivi), with tricks of one's own~

... MmmmM... I'd imagine, it would feel really gooood, to caress his flabby form, as one unties his knotted coat slowly, and rubs carefully a tenderly-touching hand over his blackened skin in the process of [doing] so.

... And it'd get even m o r e f u n I imagine, when it comes to unbuckling a certain li'l mage's tenting (but baggy) pants!

... And *just for you* (Ket), I'm sure his feet are r e a l nice too - all in plump soles and short toes, once you uncover so from their kept captivity~

; )