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Nature's Lust / Jungle Fever [NEW: RECOLOR] (2014)

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Title Nature's Lust / Jungle Fever [NEW: RECOLOR]
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Artist(s): yellowpower
Finish Date: 2014-11-28
This is a recolor of >>11427. The white body on Clownman was an interesting experiment I wanted to try, but I prefer this this look, and it's closer to my original vision. There are also a couple other color fixes. It still rocks! ;}
I feel like such an oddball for saying, but my personal favorite types of robot-masters, are the ones that are more, erm, well, *robotic*. :B

I dunno why, but I have always been more allured, and attracted to, the more metallic and automatonic they are - ergo, the less "human", the more arousing I find them...

I feel similarly, about other supposed 'bots too, which is why, I'm not that big of a fan, design-wise, of the earlier generations of Transformers, etcetera - simply too human, in their features and faces...

When I think of metal hubby hubbies, to love lovingly, I imagine those of intriguing intricacies in shapely metal, hard, handsome edges, and utmost robotic, in every sense of the design - optics, chassis', and hinges, screwed-joints, and whatnot else robot-goody-goodness...

... Ah - so, in lieu of so, such a conversational piece, may I then ask you, Ket, is there anything more, "robotic", you have likewise attachment to? Or do you just prefer, these more humanized mechanicals?
I think robots are attractive, but sexuality is an organic thing to me, so flesh appeals to my senses. My main attraction to these guys is due to their unusual proportions and simple, cute faces. They're a little short, sometimes chubby, and still not quite human.
That is very true, Ket, and I do agree with you. :)

Some of my own personal faves, in the likes of as which you described, are akin to alike Snake-Man, etcetera - those that, as you put it; walk the line between robotic and human.

If I wasn't such a robophiliac, I'd call it the best of two worlds. :b
Yep, that makes sense. =}
Thanks, bud~ :D