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Fate & Zool (2011)


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Title Fate & Zool
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Artist(s): Gnin


<h3>Art by <a href="">Gnin</a>.</h3>
Over a year ago, I commissioned Gnin (a.k.a. Gninrom) for a couple pictures. The first one is now finished. For his style, I think it came out well.

I'm still incredibly busy with school. During my limited free time, I mostly just want to relax and watch TV. Of course, there are other issues beyond my control that come to steal my time. I thought I'd be able to get back to my commissions in August, but now I may be using that time to move to a new home. I'm doing the best I can, and I will be back with art when it's feasible.
Gnin commission: Fate & Zool
Post Date (GMT): 2011-07-04 21:10:02
Fate & Zool commission
Art by Gnin
Image Post Date (GMT): 2011-07-04 20:56:27
Image GUID: 2011/07/gnin_2011_fate_zool_commission.jpg
Wow, I haven't seen Fate in a while! It's good to see him.
It certainly has been a while! Heh. I still plan to finalize a reference for him at some point. Probably take some influence from Paul.

Thanks for commenting. =}
Oh goodness, that's hot!

I would also like the second the above statement. ;) It's odd, because
juddging from what I've seen of Zool's games, I don't really like them
that much, and yet I like his character a lot...

Is that being hypocritical of me? xD
Btw, just an addendum to my post, but I really dug the cum effects in this!
It looks very... sticky and yummy. b: I dunno why, but it really stands out
from the rest of the picture for some reason.

Guess that goes to show where my mind is, lol. d':
There can be hot characters in bad games, just as there can be good music in bad games. I've barely even played any Zool and don't have any plans to, but I still love the character design. =P
The semen "came" out well. The streams don't look like they're originating exactly from the dick openings but that's a minor complaint.
I noticed that too, but at least the consistency is/looks good. {=
True, very true. Haha, I'm trying to recall some bad game(s) now,
that had although bad, had some sexy characters. Got anything that
comes to your mind?

As for me...
Diddy Kong Racing comes to mind. Although while it's actually a
pretty damn good game in its own right, I never really liked it.
Mostly because it's an racing game, go figure. d: It had some
d a m n cute characters though...
I can't think of any. I'll let you know if any pop into my head. =}
Hehe, well, I got something that might be of your interest then. ;}

Since I spoke of DKR, I did some quick looking around, and my recollections of
them didn't seem to fail me, because those I thought of, still looks damn cute.
And best of all, one or two of them might just tickle your fancy!

Krunch, the sexy, chubby crocodile; #=w=#

TipTup, the cute turtle;

And of course, everyones favorite badger, Bumper;

Uhm, so yeah... Not the best game in the DK line, but it
did have a nice selection of characters being pleasing to
the senses, <i>and more</i>. b:
Thanks for the recommendations. I was familiar with TipTup before. The characters are all nice, though none of them make me want to pick up my tablet and start drawing porn. Maybe I'd draw some of them for a commission though.
Hehe, we'll see what tasks I can drag you in to when you're open for business again. ;)
Sweet Nelly! This is HOT!
Glad you have this to enjoy during my school-caused dry spell. =P
I still haven't gotten over this one! The expressions are cute, I like the characters colors (green adds points for me), and the satisfying cum at the end are things that I love about this one!
Well, I got a couple more coming from Gnin, so hopefully you'll enjoy those as much as this one. =}