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This wasn't technically a commission. Rather, Vee (local-shop) stated that she would draw a picture for whomever donated to one of her choice charities. I sent some money the way of Haiti, and Vee gave back to me equivalently in the way of art. I think this is a pretty cool idea, and it was fun to do.

I wanted to see more Zool porn, and I feel he pairs well with Fate. One fun aspect about Fate is his partially clothed appearances. Often times his dick will be covered, yet you can totally see it fully engorged and leaking cum. These were the main elements Vee worked with in creating this. As always, she's really good about accepting feedback while the work is in progress, which I like a lot. Vee seems to use a slightly different style for each picture she draws, so it's neat to have this variety. In terms of colors, she went with a "painterly" approach here, and it works.

I thank Vee for being charitable herself by influencing my donation and giving me a free drawing for it! I enjoy this picture, and I'm glad I'm continuing to get more art from Vee. =}
It's great to see more of Zool!!! This also makes me think I'd love to see how you yourself would draw Zool completely naked (Even without a mask!) Or even better... Which I really hope you do decide to do... Ket, dressed as Zool! <3 Now that, would be epic.
Well, I started drawing Zool naked here:
I don't know if/when I'll finish that one, but I'll probably end up drawing him again.

Ket dressed as Zool? Hahaha. I don't even know what that would look like. I'd sooner dress him up as a knight, like you've mentioned before. ;}

But anyway, I didn't realize you liked Zool so much. That's pretty cool. Thanks for the comment!
Love this picture, as you know i love Fate and seeing him with Zool is just brilliant
I'm glad you enjoy the characters. =}
And i love the cum stain on his shirt
Technically it's not a stain; it's fresh. =D Cum is just leaking out and getting his shirt all damp and sticky.
Even better