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Oy! Shoulda posted these a few days ago, but got sidetracked. Anyway, here are the pictures that Clarence drew for me at FC.

<h3>1. "Brask" by <a href="">Clarence T. Hare</a></h3>
This was the first thing drawn for me at FC, and it was done before I finished my first picture as well. Clarence graciously offered to draw Brask for me, and I gladly accepted. This wasn't done in a book since it started out as a rough draft that Clarence went all the way with. It always makes me insanely happy whenever someone draws one of my characters, so I can't thank Clarence enough for jumping on this. =}

<h3>2. "Vivi" by <a href="">Clarence T. Hare</a></h3>
Clarence's sketch is actually the EXtra version here. I've promoted my own colorization edit of it, since I feel it brings out the character likeness more.

Clarence drew this in my Rule XXXIV book at FC. His rendition of Vivi is amazing! I love the way Clarence took a very literal approach to the shape of Vivi's body as it appears in the clothes he wears. It made for a unique and plump body shape, which is something I always enjoy. FYI, I cleaned up the sketch from how it appears on my book to cut down on the stray sketch marks of the pencil.

My edit is a pretty simple colorization, though it did take some time to get everything cleaned up squarely. There is a simple invert filter applied to most of the body, along with some level adjustments. I also included the signature glowing eyes. I was torn on what color the tip of Vivi's dick should be. I thought that leaving it like the rest of the body made it blend in too much, and I wanted it to stand out more. I thought this looked the best, so be it.
Clarence T. Hare Disrobes Darkness
Post Date (GMT): 2009-02-20 20:16:30
Progress History: Brask : 2009-01-23 (1) : start-to-finish
Vivi : 2009-01-25 (3) : start-to-finish
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-02-20 19:34:55
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Mmm, I've been meaning to comment on the Vivi one for a while. I just love the nice babyfat thing you have going for the little black mage. Gotta say he's my favorite FF9 character, right up there with Puck and Zidane.
Clarence did a great job on Vivi. He's a favorite character of mine as well! Vivi inspired the creation of Brask, after all.

Oh yeah, and I like Puck and Zidane's designs too. =}
Mmm, remind me whenever you open up for commissions again to get some Vivi/Brask from you, now I'm really curious to see what would happen.
Hehe. I'll mark that down for you then. ;}