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Ket (full name: Ket Ralus) is a male of the tortavi species. A tortavi is a tortoise-avian hybrid, with added turtle and hominal features, but a complete lack of a shell.

Ket currently works as a lifeguard at Sheo Islands Beach, and is friends with Joe. He has also been spotted at Southeast Beach and seems to know Cas.

Ket's tail is partially prehensile and can at least hold in position well.

Ket has large, sensitive paw-like feet. He gets pleasure through pawplay and the like, but that's just one of the things he's into.

Ket's a switch. He wants to try it all. He also likes to multitask.

Other facts about Ket: He can bend over enough to suckle on the head of his own penis. Sometimes his name is spelled Ket-Ralus or Ket✦Ralus for various reasons.

Known Partners:
- Brask

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