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Brask (full name: Brask Vovik) is a male of the nerond species. A nerond is an anthropomorphic black salamander. They are typically nomadic and tribal in nature. Brask has a rare genetic ability to read DNA through touch, thus allowing himself to wield magical relics that only he can decode. One allowed him to transform into his current physical form.

Brask currently resides as a leader of Lono'e in his palace, its surrounding jungle, and nearby Treewish Forest. While he is not competing in the Gerrabacco tournament, he has several Lono'e competing in his stead.

Brask is prehensile in all his limbs. This allows him to grab things with his feet, tail, and tongue.

His DNA reading ability makes its way into his fetish. Not only does it work by touch, but by ingestion as well, from either end of the body. And when someone has seed to spray, he wants it. He can become one with another through a blissful taste of genetic fluid.

Brask is versatile by nature. He manages to give nearly as much as he receives, but he is often the orchestrator of these affairs. His flexibility allows him to take control.

Known Transformations:
- Braskling ("classic" Brask)

Known Partners:
- Ket

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