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Lakitu References

Lakitu (ジュゲム Jugem) is a species of bespectacled Koopas who ride clouds through the skies. Some Lakitus will throw small creatures, Spiny, which are typically curled up to look like spiked balls. Lakitus are chubby and have yellow skin (or scales rather). An adult Lakitu's height is estimated at about 2 feet tall. Officially, Lakitus have three toes per foot (much like a Koopa Troopa). However this was only confirmed in recent years, and I've traditionally preferred them drawn with four toes per foot.

Official Characters: Lakilester

Original Characters: Lakileo, Ripsin, and more

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!R Koopa Lakitu Mario_(series) Mario_Kart_(series) Mario_Kart_8 foot_ref // 750x650 // 198.0KB !R Koopa Lakitu Mario_(series) Spiny // 543x974 // 121.2KB !R Koopa Lakitu Lakitu's_Cloud Mario_(series) Mario_Kart_(series) // 300x396 // 26.3KB !R Koopa Lakitu Mario_(series) Mario_Kart_(series) Mario_Kart_8 foot_ref // 1024x658 // 268.0KB !A 09 2016 @Redemption3445 G19 Koopa Lakitu Mario_(series) // 3000x3000 // 1.2MB !A 05 2017 @donkeypunch Brask Braskling G13 Ket Koopa Lakitu Mario_(series) nerond tortavi // 1754x1656 // 2.9MB !A 07 2017 @Redemption3445 Disney G32 Koopa Lakitu Mario_(series) The_Three_Musketeers Troubadour turtle // 3500x3409 // 2.5MB !A 11 2017 @pixelpeninja Koopa Lakitu // 1125x2025 // 355.8KB
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