gallery2 (18+) by Ket Ralus



Lakijin is a Lakitu, and an operations specialist for kart races. Spending most of his time in the pit crew, he oversees repairs and pre-race safety checks. Rather than a shell, he often wears his turtle crew jacket and other light clothing. He wears a headset and a special visor that he can use to stream video. He also dabbles in video recording, since he often finds his duties leading to work with the camera crew as well.

Lakijin is a bit of an exhibitionist. His main kink is setting up cameras in various places to record interesting angles of himself having sex. This way he can watch them again later, or even stream them to his visor while fucking. He often gets great results by placing the camera in his cloud.

Lakijin is primarily a bottom, though he's always up for testing something new. After a hard day of work, he just likes to relax by watching some videos, or providing he finds the right guy at the races, making some videos. For Lakijin, there's nothing like the rush of getting a nice big dick in your ass, and knowing you'll both be able to enjoy it again later.

Other facts about Lakijin: He has sensitive nipples. He has a minor foot fetish. He has no tail, but doesn't mind if you draw him with one. His Lakitu cloud is also where he keeps his shell. He secretly wants to record himself fucking (or getting fucked by) every species.