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At least one pic of each of my fav turtle character designs. Keep in mind these may not necessarily be the best pictures; I just went with what was available on my old gallery.

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!A @Redemption3445 Agent_T Donatello Kamek Ket Koopa_Paratroopa Koopa_Troopa Lakilester Lakitu Mario_(series) Parakarry Squirtle Troubadour koopa tmnt tortavi turtle // 6000x5368 // 6.6MB !A @Redemption3445 Ket Trippy_Turtle tortavi turtle // 3500x3873 // 2.2MB !A 03 2019 @tderek99 Turtle_T._Turtleson Turtle_vs._Bunny turtle // 1817x2000 // 1.4MB !A 03 2015 @Redemption3445 Ket Mirill tortavi // 3604x3000 // 1.8MB !A 12 2019 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 Big_Joe Honcho Ket Lakitu Mario_(series) WIP Xtra_turtle koopa tortavi turtle // 2805x5751 // 1.4MB !A @KetRalus Fastback turtle // 2252x2516 // 504.5KB !A 01 2019 @Redemption3445 Lakijin Lakila Lakileo Lakitu Lakshmi Mario_(series) OC koopa // 1800x2144 // 369.5KB !A 01 2007 @KetRalus @argon_vile Churchy_LaFemme Pogo_(series) turtle // 1000x1000 // 125.9KB
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